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Sample Family Research Document Examples:

If you would like to see samples of some of the documents we use when compiling family histories, click on the PDF links below. You will need Abode Reader or Acrobat to view these files. Click here to download Adobe Reader now.

Please note: most of these documents were scans of the original files. All of our genalogy artifiacts discovered for your family will be compiled into an easy to read ancestry report. See on-site document artifact research.

Census documents

Our researchers find documents such as this census document [...]

Public records

We locate land tract documents and other public record documents [...]

Oldest land grant

This is the oldest land grant in which we have obtained from 1772 [...]

Family history report

This is a sample cover page for family history reports [...]

Certificate of death

We search for all documents including death certificates [...]

Family coat of arms

Genalogy reports include your families coat of arms if found [...]

Military articles

We search for all articles and reports for your family history report [...]

Land Deed Example

Land deeds

Our researchers find documents such as this land deed 1801 [...]

Descendant report

Our genealogy experts compile their research into a descendant report [...]

Lineage report

Our expert ancestry researchers will locate document such as lineage [...]

Newspaper articles

Genealogy reports include all artifacts such as newspaper articles [...]

Family research

Our expert genealogists can complete just one or all persons in a family [...]

Military records

Our experts located military records and military medals if applicable [...]

Newspaper articles

Genealogy reports include all artifacts such as newspaper articles [...]

Surname research

We find the different spellings of your surname & compile it into reports [...]

Old family tree report

Our experts will look at previous family trees & work from there [...]

Underage military records

We search for documents that could have been changed, like dates [...]

Genealogy services

Hire us to locate one or multiple family documents, find your entire family tree or just a part, or research one or all of your family members, history.


Artifact detectives

We're accessing electronic records from databases all over the world and have the passion to get records that aren't available on the internet.


On-site researchers

We use a more personal approach to look at your ancestor's life. We go out in the "field" to find documents and artifacts that can't be found over the internet.