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On-Site Document and Artifact Research Services

A great deal of research is now found in electronic records; however, sometimes it is necessary to travel to a site for documents or artifacts.

We also know how difficult it can be to access them, especially when those documents are not yet on the Internet.

We are artifiact detective experts and use information that gives us a more personal look at your ancestor's life. Our artifact detectives are experts in locating and even getting these historical genealogy documents for our clients.

Our experts know just how and where to search for these documents. With our research you will be very pleased with our findings and upon request we can provide you with:

  • Our original research notes and reports
  • Documents found while compiling our data including full reports & records list
  • Family genealogy charts including family trees previously created

When our genealogy artifact experts locate a document on your behalf, they will give you the original document (if applicable), if not they will give you a copy. When our ancestry experts are in the field and documents are not available, they will take photographs and document the location and source of the artifact found.

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You will be amazed at how much faster the family tree and historical accounting of your family members can go when your genealogy experts have good stuff to go on.


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