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    your family history dating back to hundreds of years ago.
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    where your family came from and their stops along the way.
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    genealogy can tell you things you never knew about your ancestors.

Let Us Help You Research Your Family History!

Want to understand your family history, yet you don't have the time, the computer skills or simply don't want to do it yourself? You've come to the right place!

Researching historic information about your family, family members, your family name, ethnic origin, your genealogy and family history is a fun and yet time-consuming challenge. People research their family to learn more about their family roots, their family history, and family origin, where they lived, even whether any of their family members were famous historical figures. Family research takes on a life of its own with new and interesting findings around every corner and takes a lot of time. Even if you jump in with both feet to do it yourself, dedicating all of your spare time to getting your family tree completed, it could take years to complete. That's where we come in.

At Your Ancestry Researcher we have the experience to research electronic records from a vast number of databases all over the world. We have the passion and experience to go get or obtain records that are not available electronically. We will obtain or help you obtain and document accurate copies of family historical records, family historical documents and other artifacts relative to your family name and history. If you're already working on your family tree and family history research and hit a brick wall or cannot travel to get a copy of a document, certificate or historic record that is not in an electronic database, call Your Ancestry Researcher. We will go to a site, dig through archives, photograph and document findings to complete your family historic accounting. We specialize in research, locating and documenting family genealogy and family history and we can prepare your complete family tree or help with just one portion of it.

While most but not all ancestry information is available in printed publications and on the internet, it is very time consuming to do the research and interpret the facts. The large amount of information found on the Internet can be inaccurate. That's why our research team uses so many different resources to complete ancestry research.

"I have found ancestry research to be addictive; in that once you start it is difficult to set aside." – Wilbur C.,, President

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Genalogy research services

  • Finding Living Relatives
  • Finding Past Ancestors
  • Heraldry Research – Coat of Arms (based on your family tree)
  • DNA & Genetic Testing
  • Off-Line Researching in the Field
  • Gravesite Searches