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Genealogy services

Hire us to locate one or multiple family documents, find your entire family tree or just a part, or research one or all of your family members, history.


Artifact detectives

We're accessing electronic records from databases all over the world and have the passion to get records that aren't available on the internet.


On-site researchers

We use a more personal approach to look at your ancestor's life. We go out in the "field" to find documents and artifacts that can't be found over the internet.


Hire a Genealogy Expert

Before you hire a genealogy expert, prepare by gathering the information you do know.

Then, tell family members you are starting a family tree or family historical chart and interview them for whom and what they know about family members and history. Gather copies of any physical documents or family records you and they might have. Include journal writings, notes in family bibles, birth and death certificates, old letters, old land deeds, photos of homes where relatives might have lived, etc. Don't forget to write down any family lore you might have heard. Invite family members who might wish to get involved and help you track things down to relay to us.

Get to know more about our services

You will be amazed at how much faster the family tree and historical accounting of your family members can go when your genealogy experts have good stuff to go on.

Our experts know the tricks of the trade and will discover results and amazing stories about your family history. We look through piles of old records that family members bring us, then through thousands of databases including business journals, wills, deeds, baptism records, marriage, birth and death certificates or military records. We also travel, dig, photograph documents and add historical family artifacts to your family historical journey.

Your Ancestry Researcher are genealogists for hire and experts who will help you to discover a great deal about your family history faster. We save you the time and hassle of free genealogy websites that could take you down the wrong family path with inaccurate information. Of course you can connect to thousands of ancestry sources on the Internet and all over the globe; although, just trying to figure out how to look for information can be time-consuming and frustrating. Thousands of people look for help in genealogy chat rooms only to give up their genealogy search when they become overwhelmed with information and just quit. Instead of deciding to wait to learn more, hire a trained researcher who can help you get accurate genealogy details faster. At Your Ancestry Researcher we can help you get started, help with one piece of your research or, help you with your complete family name genealogy tree.

We look forward to helping discover who you are, where you're from and how you got here!

Services list

  • Finding Living Relatives
  • Finding Past Ancestors
  • Heraldry Research – Coat of Arms (based on your family tree)
  • DNA & Genetic Testing
  • Off-Line Researching in the Field
  • Gravesite Searches

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