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Family Name Tree Charts

A family tree can show you at a glance how you are related to your descendants.

Family name charts can take several forms: The most familiar type looks like a tree and traces your family back to the oldest known direct descendents. Another well-known type, the pedigree chart, lists all descendents of a particular name. Our staff will look for earlier ancestry charts for your family name and will make them available them to you.

Sample family trees and pedigrees

Below are samples of our Presidents family tree and pedigree. Click here to view our President, Wilbur G. Corbitt's family tree on Here you can view, zoom and use this family tree as an interactive map.

Sample Family Tree

Family Tree Document Example; Wilbur Corbitt Family Tree

Sample Family Pedigree

Family Pedigree Document Example; Wilbur Corbitt Family Tree

View other sample research documents.

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